MOVA & SERVICES LDA, rent the motor vehicle (including) any replacement vehicle in accordance with the specific conditions established therein and under the following terms and conditions.

This document contains all the terms of the rental contract between MOVA & SERVICES LDA, and the client, identified in the booking form of this company, and must carefully. If the (the “client”) does not comprise any of the provisions contained in this document, he / she must request the respective clarifications to the representative of MOVA & Services LDA, who is attending it.


(a) The client declares that he received the vehicle in good condition, without risks and / or dented, except the marked and in perfect condition, as well as accompanied by all legal documents necessary for their use / circulation, taking to your position the cost of all fuel consumed during the rental period.

(b) The customer undertakes to return the vehicle where it was rented or in a place that is agreed for its delivery, under the same conditions as it received it.

(C) In case of mechanical damage of the rented vehicle, for reasons beyond the customer, MOVA & SERVICES LDA is committed to making another replacement vehicle available, which is subject to the availability of an existing fleet at the moment. The customer now recognizes that MOVA & SERVICES LDA may not have available vehicle equal to the rented and being replaced or not at the moment, another vehicle for replacement, in which case the customer and MOVA & Services LDA, should agree on the procedures to be taken.

d) MOVA & SERVICES LDA has the right to reduce the rental period and demand the immediate return of the Vehicle in case of infringement of any provision of this contract, without prejudice to the compensation to which, under legal or contractual terms, MOVA & SERVICES Lda is entitled.


2.1.The client is committed to taking care of the rented vehicle, ensuring that it is properly closed to the key and in a safe place when not being used, always use the appropriate fuel, as well as use any security device that is installed in the rented vehicle.

2.2. The client shall not use or allow the use of the rented vehicle in the following circumstances:

(a) Passenger transport or onerously;

(b) Boost or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object;

(C) Participate in any race, rally, scavenger hunts, proof or other competition;

(d) While the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that reduces their perception or reaction capacity or while the driver is, for any reason, with reduced safe driving capacity, reaction and perception;

(e) In violation of any traffic rules;

(f) If you do not meet the minimum requirements stipulated in the current MOVA & SERVICES LDA tariff, as regards the age and valid driving license;

(g) By anyone other than authorized driver or being it, do not meet the minimum requirements required by MOVA & SERVICES LDA, as regards the age and valid driving license. The customer will be responsible for using the rented vehicle in default with the rule provided for in this paragraph and will have to compensate MOVA & SERVICES LDA, pursuant to the contract;

(h) Conduct or allow the rented vehicle to be conducted out of the radius of miles signed

Out of the territory of Mozambique without the prior permission of MOVA & SERVICES LDA,

(i) For subfrect, except if it is previously written, for this purpose;

(j) Conduct or allow it to be conducted in unauthorized areas, including but not limited to airport tracks, airport service routes, as well as underlying areas;

(k) Drive or allow it to be driven in routes that are not suitable for the type of rented vehicle.

(L) Use or allow it to be used in excess of the established limit of passenger capacity and load weight.

(m) use or allow us to be used in activities that endanger the stability or domain of the vehicle. The customer will be responsible for any damages and losses, regardless of the contracted coverage, which are caused in the rented vehicle due to non -compliance or violation of the provisions of this Clause 2.


(a) The driver of the vehicle must have a driving letter valid for at least three (3) years, and should be presented at the time of contract.

(b) The minimum age required by MOVA & SERVICES LDA, to rent and/or drive rented vehicles is 21 (twenty -one) years old, and must be presented at the time of contract, passport or ticket customer and driver identity (if not the customer).


All MOVA & SERVICES LDA rates include compulsory insurance policies that cover, among others, civil liability, including the occupants of the rented vehicle up to the amount of 3,000,000.00mt, as well as periodic maintenance, oil changes and Lubrications of the rented vehicle, which will be reimbursed if they have been previously authorized by MOVA & SERVICES LDA, and paid by the customer, against the presentation of the justification document of the expense issued on behalf of MOVA & SERVICES LDA,.

MOVA & SERVICES LDA’s vehicle rental tariff varies with a kilometric distance within the territory of Mozambique:

1.       Circulation within 150 km

2.       Circulation Within above 150 km

The Customer Must inform MOVA & Services Lda the Destinations of Your Trip For the Purpose of Renting Rental Price


5.1. All charges referred to in the contract and in these terms and conditions are calculated in accordance with the current MOVA & SERVICES LDA tariff, which the customer expressly declares to know.

5.2. The customer undertakes to pay or refund to MOVA & SERVICES LDA, at the request of this:

(a) all amounts requested as a security, safe or function of the kilometers traveled and the days of use of the rented vehicle, in accordance with the contracted tariffs;

(b) In the event of addict or manipulation of the rented vehicles, a fine equivalent to the use of 400 kilometers/day calculated on the highest value of the tariff that is in force, without prejudice to MOVA & SERVICES LDA, Power, Additionally, to prevent the customer from benefiting from any discounts, long-distance, monthly or finishing rates, and any other special promotional tariffs that have been previously contracted;

(c) Indemnification for the time of stoppage and waiver of the use of the vehicle caused by damage, collision, theft and/or theft, plus any fees, fees and other costs incurred as a result of these events, when such events are imputable to the conduct of Customer and when they are not covered by contracted insurance.

(d) All fines, legal or extra judicial expenses, for poor parking and/or other traffic infringements or other legal provisions that are imputed to the rented vehicle during the rental period, unless such fines and expenses are motivated by Action or omission of MOVA & SERVICES LDA;

(e) All expenses, charges, penalty -related fines, circulation fees, vehicle washing, paving or entry into certain locations that are charged to MOVA & SERVICES LDA, regarding the rented vehicle during the period of renting and that the customer has not paid.

5.3. The customer now recognizes and agrees that it is entirely responsible for all fines and/or fines inherent to infringements to traffic rules, parking, tolls, as well as being fully responsible for, running on your own, all expenses related to tolls, Circulation rates, vehicle washing, paving or input rates in certain places.


• Our rentals have NO holding deposits.

• The rental rate you are quoted includes standard insurance. This is a comprehensive cover and not full insurance cover. Additional insurance can be taken in order to reduce your risk.

1. Standard Insurance:

a) Civil liability (secure third parties and occupants of all vehicles)

Standard cover does NOT include:

Under carriage damages

Theft loss waiver not included

Water damage from submerging vehicles by exceeding wading depth is not covered

Submerging the vehicle in salt water is not covered. (Even in small quantities, damages the car’s components.

Tire and windshield (see policy in 6. 1, Line b)

b)Tire and Windshield Policy: (Standard Insurance and All Risk Insurance liability coverage does not include repair or replacement of tires and windshield. When replacing a tire, make sure it is a new tire from same brand, size and with a thickness of 4 mm or more. Reconditioned, used or retreaded tires are NOT acceptable. Mova & Services Lda will charge the amount of 10,000.00mt per tire).

3.       Insurance against all risks:

All items mentioned below are included with a payment of the insurance deductible specified for each of them.

Shock, collision or rollover – Deductible 10% of the accident – Minimum 10,750.00mt

Theft or robbery – Deductible, 20% of the value of the vehicle

Fire, lightning, or explosion – Deductible 10% of the accident – Minimum 10,750.00mt

Isolated theft of accessories – Limit of 20,000.00mt

Natural Phenomena – Deductible 10% of the accident – Minimum 10,750.00mt

Civil liability – N/A

Water damage from submerging vehicles is NOT covered

Tire and windshield (see policy in 6. 1, Line b)

6.2 Without prejudice to the other provisions of the contract, the customer is responsible for:

(a) Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph (b) below, in case of loss, damage (including, but not limited to damage caused by shock, collision, damage, or rollover), theft or theft of

Vehicle or parts of the same during the rental period, the customer will pay MOVA & SERVICES LDA, at the request of this one, all expenses that are inerent to these events, including but not limited, the reparation, depreciation, revenue losses, depreciation costs, depreciation costs lease, towing and vehicle collection expenses.

(b) Customer responsibility is limited to 10% of the vehicle’s value as the customer complies with the terms of the contract and such losses or damages are not intentionally caused or by serious customer or driver’s serious negligence (either authorized or not).

(c) Insurance does not cover damages caused by: conduction or negligent use or neglecting the safety and protection of the vehicle by using the car on roads that are not suitable for its type; have an accident without third parties intervention; for the violation or disrespect of the rules or rules in force in Mozambique or by conducting by persons not authorized by MOVA & SERVICES LDA.


7.1 Pay the cost of the rental, the amount of the security and the prolongation price will be determined by the rates in force in each time. All amounts paid in advance.

7.2. In the prejudice of the other obligations provided for in the contract and in these terms and conditions, in case of accident the customer undertakes:

(a) to obtain and write down the names and contacts of the parties involved and any witnesses;

(b) not to assume at the time of the accident or later any guilt or responsibility that may impair the correct determination of the event and the imputation of responsibilities;

(c) not to abandon the rented vehicle without taking all the appropriate measures to protect it from theft, destruction or vandalism;

(d) call or contact the closest representative of MOVA & SERVICES LDA communicating to it, even though the accident result only slight damage;

(e) provide the representative of MOVA & SERVICES LDA in a timely and detailed manner the report of the event, including at least the date, time and location of the vehicles before and after the accident and the complete identification of the people involved and injured, as well as the Description of the rental damage resulting from the accident;

(f) To immediately warn the closest police authorities, particularly if there is doubts about the driving capacity of any intervening driver or the truth or authenticity of the displayed documents and that they serve to identify the driver or that legally should accompany the car. and whose display is mandatory for its circulation or driving particularly, when the accident results, even without gravity.




The customer may not require MOVA & SERVICES LDA, any kind of responsibility, compensation or compensation for losses or damages to goods and/or values left, guarded or transported by the customer or any other person inside the rented vehicle, as well as, It is committed not to encourage third parties to complain about MOVA & SERVICES LDA, any value by verifying such facts. Likewise, MOVA & SERVICES LDA will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the customer, except in case of serious negligence on your part. Nothing in this contract will exclude or limit the responsibility of MOVA & SERVICES LDA in case of death or bodily injury resulting from neglect or any responsibility that cannot be legally excluded.


(a) The minimum duration of the rental contract is 48 hours, except when  extensions are made initial rental period that have been previously negotiated with Mova & Services Lda.

(b) By retaining the vehicle in your possession beyond the period of validity of the agreed contract, it is considered that the vehicle started to circulate without authorization and against the will of Mova & Services Lda, and it reserves the right not to accept any extensions. Any delays in the scheduled delivery of the rental vehicle exceeding 59 minutes will be billed at the minimum price of one extra day of vehicle rental.

(c) Without prejudice to the provisions above, in the event of delays in the scheduled delivery of the rented vehicle for more than 59 minutes, Mova & Services Lda reserves the right to activate vehicle location and recovery mechanisms.



(a) This rental contract is constituted under the laws in force in the Republic of Mozambique, and in case of dispute, both parties agree to submit to the Court of the City of Inhambane, with Express Renunciation of Any Phher.

(b) Any additions or changes to the terms and conditions set forth in this contract will only be valid if they are reduced to written and signed by both parties.


The customer consents to storage and processing by MOVA & SERVICES LDA of your personal data contained in this rental contract, as among your business partners, for the same purposes of collection, including statistical analysis, marketing, customer satisfaction surveys, commercialization of services and credit control.

The customer, in signing this contract at the indicated place, declares that he becomes aware and accepts all the terms and conditions contained therein.

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